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The Society of Individuality Honor & Knowledge

We are an artistic production company located in Dallas, Texas.
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SiHK Brothers

SiHK Brothers is an artistic production company committed to the development and expansion of new and innovative works of art. Our team is made up of Actors, Writers, Dancers, Singers, and Musicians who understand the life needs and wants of artists because we are artists ourselves. To be SiHK is to understand our philosophy. The SiHK philosophy is that art and creativity, the language of the soul, is embedded inside of each and every one of us. Our mission is to unlock its hidden potential. We are dedicated to keeping art alive. We are the heart of art, and we want to create with you.

Why sihk? Shick? Sick? Seek?!
S-I-H-K is an acronym for the Society of Individuality Honor & Knowledge. So we call it SiHK for short (pronounced “sick”). Originally conceived by Adam A. Anderson, SiHK was his way to connect and create with fellow artist friends like Akron Watson, Vinh Pham, and Jeffrey Colangelo, who all still work with the organization today. Seeing a unique untapped potential in each of his friends, Anderson wanted to create with everyone and make everyone “sick”. From there, spawned this idea of forming an artistic community by producing works of art that will spread across the globe like a virus. The idea of SiHK is that three elements (individuality, honor & knowledge) are what make up a human being, especially a creative one. Individuality keeps us unique; honor keeps us rational, dedicated, and motivated; and knowledge (as well as a lack there of) keeps us thinking, learning, and insures creativity. We strive to see everyone reach their greatest potential. We are all artists in our own way. By producing work with others we hope to discover what you’re best at and give you the resources to hone those skills. What is your aptitude? Now, supported by his friends and colleagues, Adam works closely with his artistic brothers to make SiHK Brothers a global production company.

S.i.H.K. |sik|:
The Society of Individuality Honor & Knowledge

1. mentally, morally, or emotionally inspired, motivated, encouraged, or touched: a SiHK mind; brilliant statements that made him seem SiHK.
2. dwelling on or obsessed with that which is artistic, cultural, inspirational, or the like; blithe: a SiHK performer; SiHK ideas.

Embedded inside of every human being is a substance and a language understood by every person that has ever lived…
And we call that substance Art!

Adam A. Anderson – President & Creative Director


Galatea is a moving and heartfelt theatrical piece that explores the story of an artist who is trying to create the perfect girl.


Current Supporters:

Adam A. Anderson, Adam M. Berger, Afomia, Allison Beck, Annie,Becca Rothstein, Brad, Colette Piceau, Danielle Pickard, Danniel Gerchakov, Elizabeth C Orr, Ellen Tye, Genny Richard, George Colangelo, Haley Esposito, Jack Albrecht, Janet Witkoski Emens, Janette Strickland, Javier Ramos, Karen Bartlett, Katherine Bourne, Katie Simpson, Kaysy Ostrom, Kris Noteboom, Kristin McCollum, Lydia Kapp, Lynn Ellen Martin, Madeleine Terry, Marika Wynne, Martha,Maxine S. Tye, Melanie, Meredith Oden, Michael Federico, Midge Lynn, Nance Weenick, Natalie Coca, Parker Gray, Renee Rohr, Ricco Fajardo, Robert A. Perry, Robert Allen, Sara Carraway, Seth Nelson, Shane Strawbridge, Soraya Abtahi, Spacegrove Productions, Stephanie Machado, Steve Crozier, Whitney Holotik

Galatea is an innovative, one-of-a-kind wordless movement show that uses paper, aerial silks, and weight-sharing to explore the story of an artist who is attempting to create the perfect girl as his one true love. In the process, he creates an entire world made entirely out of paper and populated by a vibrant plethora of characters who teach the girl what it is to be human.


We believe our work speaks for itself. Browse our most recent projects below.

The SiHK Brothers

As actors, designers, writers, and musicians, we band together as artistic brothers in hopes to be the leaders of a free world fully integrated with art.

Adam A. Anderson

Adam A. Anderson

CEO & Creative Director View Details
Akron Watson

Akron Watson

VP of Communications View Details
Jeff Colangelo

Jeff Colangelo

New Works Developer View Details
Adam A. Anderson

Adam A. Anderson

CEO & Creative Director
Akron Watson

Akron Watson

VP of Communications
Jeff Colangelo

Jeff Colangelo

New Works Developer


We Are The Heart of Art

We want to create with you.

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