We Heart Art.

The Striped Heart is a creative agency on a mission to cultivate and inspire artistry throughout the world. We produce art of all disciplines. We focus primarily on creating beautiful and enticing aesthetics for clients in need of reaching a wider demographic. These are pieces that make up the striped heart. We want to create with you.

SH Design

Design and presentation come first. Our artistic direction and style are created by Adam A. Anderson & Jessica Rhodes. Learn More


Adam works as the main photographer for The Striped heart. His photography can be found under his hashtag #AceShotThat 

I Am Art

We believe you are a unique work of art. The “I Am Art” clothing brand was created to unite artists alike.  Show off your work. Rock I Am Art.


A unique new style of performance created by Jeff Colangelo and Katy Tye. Prism is a theatre company founded on “materialism”. Learn More 

The Bare Maximum

There is nothing more beautiful than the natural curves of the human body. This is how we mix human nature with art. Learn More 

Just Cuz

We like to throw parties, host events and show you a good time… Just Cuz. Come part with us, check us out. Learn More 

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Create with us!

We pride ourselves on being able to support with any creative endeavor. We are ready and willing to help you with anything you need. Below is our contact information. Talk to you soon!